Digital Product Blueprint Review – Can you publish your own?

Did you ever want to create and publish your own digital product? If yes, then what better way than learn from a guy, Eben Pagan, who has over 15 successful years of experience in that field with Digital Product Blueprint.

Creator: Eben Pagan
Official Site: Click Here to go to the official site (this is the last sale day)

Why You Need To Read This Review

no-bs-review-300x257I personally believe in being upfront and honest with people. That is why I’m not going to waste your time telling you the Digital Product Blueprint is some magical ATM that spits out money while you sit and drink Bahama Mamas on a beach.

The truth is that DPB by Eben Pagan, like any other real income source needs your input as well. This means actually going through the course and implementing what Eben Pagan teaches.  So if you want to learn:

  • How to create your product the way the pros do
  • How package it so it doesn’t get lost in 1000s of others
  • How to create a market for your specific product (great selling point)
  • How to get traffic that actually converts
  • How to get customers that you can sell over and over to
  • How to build your own funnel that will work for you 24/7 by itself

Then keep reading this Digital Product Blueprint review to find out more and make sure to check out my unique bonus. If this is something you don’t want to do, or want to keep chasing “magic solutions” this review is not for you, sorry.

Sneak Peak Inside Digital Product Blueprint


The course itself is broken down into 12 blueprint tools and exercises inside 6 modules (which I’ll go over later). On top of that you get six 90 minute live coaching classes that will make sure you are on the right patch.

As well as 3 bonus supportive courses that include”

  • Wake Up Productive – great course to get into entropenirishp or work from home mindset and get things done.
  • Marketing Step-By-Step – its funny, I learned more from this course than inside my college marketing courses
  • Tech Tool Trainings – this is a bit more advanced, but once you get a hang of the whole product creation these tools will help you automate and scale quickly.

The Modules: What To Expect


This will be quick overview of the modules and my take on them

Module 1: Orientation Fast Start – This will introduce you to the entire course and the 90 day plan.  Considering the size and depth of the course I appreciated getting the bigger picture before just diving in.

Module 2: Targeting You Niche – Eben does niche research a bit different than from what I seen. He doesn’t just focus on passion niches, or money niches, but finds one right between. So in this module you will learn how to create product about something you enjoy, but one with a lot of money in it as well.

Module 3: Creating Your Product – In this module you can clearly see Eben Pagan experience in creating and selling his own product. Which he created a dozens or so for the past few years.  Even the little details like farming your product or naming it can a have  huge impact on the results.

Module 4: Building Your Marketing –Eben Pagan prides himself on being and honest and ethical seller. In this module he goes over and even gives out fill in the blank templates on how to sell your products without tricks or hassle.

Module 5: Launching Your Product – At this point you’ll be almost done but do not skip this module. There is some secret sauce in here that can turn a 4 figure launch to 5 or even 6.

Module 6: Email Mastery – Once you launch your product it is important to build relationship with your customers and follow up on the undecided ones.  Eben Pagan lays it out how to do that easy and painlessly in this module.

Digital Product Blueprint Bonus: Unlimited Free Traffic

organci-trafficIf you’re are using Eben’s techniques to launch your product you will have start making sales almost right away. However, would you want to get even more?

Over the years I found out that organic traffic, or SEO traffic is one of the best converting traffic there is. And what better way to earn additional sales than having your own website rank for you product on the top of Google?

That is what I’m going to do as a bonus if you purchase using any link on this site. Just imagine all the sales you will miss if you don’t rank on the top for your own product.

Final Day Sale: Are you in?

virtual ceoSo this is the last day you can get Eben Pagan’s Digital Product Blueprint. After that the doors will be closed for another year or more. So if you ready to take the next big step in assuring your online success you need to act now.

Eben decided to include 2 more bonuses worth almost $2k if you opt in for the 1 payment options. Click below to get it now or find out more about the special bonus.

Click Here For The Official DPE Order Page


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